Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My new endeavor

Well I have A Buttefly Cottage and I love it and have a few followers but I am going to try and make myself a primitive blog since my decorating themes are not what they were. I am hoping to be able to find how to switch everything over from that blog to this one. If anyone reads this and knows how please let me know! I hope to have this blog bloom and surpass what my other blog is or was.



  1. Change is good, my style is always evolving. I love a little of everything so I'll go along for the ride! Good Luck on your New Endeavor!

  2. Good luck on your new blog. My problem is I like shabby cottage & primitive! One day I am in love with one the next the other! Just can't make up my if it makes me smile it's a go! LOL Anxious to see what you accomplish