Sunday, January 31, 2010

I found it!

I found my memory card for my camera before I went out and bought a new one but I didn't find it till this morning and we have had a crazy bust day, well actually all weekend. We got to pick up Marks new Blazer yesterday and we also had to do some shoe shopping for Jakob amoung a few other things! So tomorrow when I get a few minutes I will post some new pitures!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

Sorry it has taken me forever to post anything. I was going to post the pictures of my thrift store finds and well I took the memory card out of my camera and now I can't find it! LOL I have all of my pictures that were on the card saved to my computer but not the ones of the thrift store. I am going to go and search some more but if I can't find it I will only be able to take a few at a time because my camera has very little internal memory! So it may take a few posts to get everything on here. LOL. I am trying to use this as an example not to take it out unless it is to take it to get the pictures developed. I am going to search this evening and if I don't find it I will take a few at a time and start posting the slow way!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thrifting results

Well after an eventful start to the morning, my younger sister who still lives at home with our parents, passed out in the kitchen this morning before my mom left to come to my house to go to the thrift store. My mom called and said she wasn't going to go because she wanted to stay home with my sister in case she needed anything. Totally understandable. So mark, the kids and I decided we would go before we had to have Summer to her Girl scout night hike. We made it to the thrift store and it was ok but nothing that I would drive that far again for. I founf a cross ( I collect crosses), a small oil painting, this great primitive skillet thing ( I'm not even sure what to call it), a bedskirt for my bed, and a peg shelf.

We came home and I decided I was going to clean out my van because well it was nasty, I hadn't cleaned it in awhile because it has been to cold. I even swept it out and added some scatter rugs because with all the squish we have there was a ton of mud getting into the carpet. I made it home from sweeping it out and got Summer ready and bundled up for her hike. We got her dropped off and we decided to run to town because we needed to get a few copies of some stuff.

Since Officemax is right beside the Goodwill I had to go in! LOL I'm glad I did too! I got an old oil lantern, a primitive gameboard,the cutest little chair, a shirt, a cute picture, and something else but I can't remember what it is right now. LOL Its been a long day! LOL

so instead of taking pictures of everything before I get it where I want it and then take pictures. I am going to work on everything tomorrow. I am hoping to have alot of the day tomorrow dedicated to getting all of my recent thrift store finds put where I want them. I am supposed to take the kiddos to my moms tomoorw to play with my neices and nephews but we shouldn't be gone to long so I can work on the house and Dh needs to work on a few projects outside while we are having this warm spurt! LOL

I am freezing now so I am going to go and cover up and watch a little tv before I go to bed!

Goodnight all!!!


A Thrifting We Will Go!

So I haven't posted anything in awhile so I hought I'd drop in and share a quick note. I am going to a new thrift store today with my mom. It is a little bit of a drive but we wanted to go and check it out because my cousin is always getting alot of really nice things there. And well my mom and I are not opposed to driving to find a bargain.

Summer also has a night hike with her Girl Scout troop tonight so I have to be home to make sure she gets there and she is going to stay warm. Nothing like a mom to worry about eveything!

If I find any good deals I will definitely take pictures and share them with you later this evening after I get home and ecverything settles down.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The temps here aren't to bad so the kids are outside playing already this morning!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Sick as a dog!

I'm not sure what is wrong with me but it ain't pretty!

As I sat watching the premiere of the new Project runway it hit and I sat there and thought nooooo!!!!! I made it through my show but now I feel awful and have no medicine to take for it. I was supposed to go with my mom in the morning to the thrift store butif I wake up feeling like this I won't be goin'...


Friday, January 8, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

So my Mom and I were undecided if we wanted to try and go to our favorite thrift store because we were unsure if the roads were alright or not. We decided we would try and go and I'm glad we did!! Event houghwe got there late as it opens at 11 am and is only open a couple days a week it is crowded when they open and stuff is usually gone rather quickly. We got there around 11:45 and discovered they were having half price sales! Everything in the store was half price!!! Yippee!!! So here are some pictures of my new finds. I'm sure these things will find homes somewhere in the house rather quickly!

This is the whole group of everything, mius a black Daisy Fuentes shirt, an Ann Taylor jean skirt, and a pair of jeans I found for my son.

This is an Amish girl sampler ina wooden frame half price she was 30 cents!

Cute Homecookin sign! It was 25 cents after half price!

I had to get these the reminded me of being a kid and yes they even fit me. They were 20 cents after the half price!

This is just a cute wooden box with a heart cut out it was 30 cents after the half price! And last but not least is an old Ball canning jar. I am trying to get a bunch of these because I want to use them in my kitchen built in china cabinet for flour and things like that. She was a bargain at 30 cents after the half price discount!

Hope all of you find some good bargains this weekend! There is an auction I want to go to tomorrow but dont think I will make it because DH is going hunting in the morning. Bummer. Have a good thrifty weekend!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

Here I sit in NW Ohio and there is a ton of snow outside. I would guess at least 5-6 inches. I haven't went out in it yet but the kids have been out and building their forts and igloos. This what it looks like in our backyard

They will stay out there building for awhile and I will make them come in to warm up and for some hot chocolate and I am sure they will be right back out! I like th snow but I hate having to bundle and unbundle the kids a million times a day!

This is Jakob and Summer out back

And this is Gwen and Summer, Jakob came back in rather quickly!

Hope all of you stay warm and this weather is getting my creative juices going, now if only I could make it somewhere to get what I want to create! LOL

Monday, January 4, 2010

Guess What I did today?

I painted my built in kitchen china cabinet!!! I painted it and I am making sure I don't need a second, or third coat because I painted it a dark color, its called burgundy wine. After I make sure it looks ok and I get my stuff back around on it I will post some before and afters!

My New years resolution is to go to the thrift stores less and also to declutter and get my design style down to one and stick to it and I feel I have made some good steps to do so. Primitive is what I want and its what I am working towards. I took some stuff to my sister in law who wanted it and I plan on working some more tomorrow after I get the kids lessons done.

I will see you all tomorrow so that I can show you all my pics!