Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Christmas blahs...

i love the holidays don't get me wrong however they day after is so blah... you work for weeks for this one day and its over in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it reminds me of a wedding.

The kids all hada good time and ripped open far more presents than they needed. Tomorrow we are going to work on getting their presents into their rooms. Their rooms really needed a good cleaning so we are going to do that and I am going to start working on getting th Christmas decorations down too.

Today I took a huge box of stuff I didn't want anymore over to moms because she wanted to go through it before I donated it. It feels good to have that box gone. It had sat in the living room so long it almost felt like a piece of furniture. I also took over a bag of the girls clothes for a cousin. I need to get rid of alot more though. I have a thrift store fetish and well it needs to stop. Maybe that can be my New Years Resolution, to give myself a limit of a certain amount of trips and cash a week. If I could stick with it that would be great!

Anyone else have any New Years resolutions? We still haven't decided what we are going to do foe New Years. We were thinking of going out but then it also seems nice to stay home and have our own little party with the kids. My sister wants us to go see some of her friends bands that night so I guess we will see.

Well I hope everyone out there hada great Christmas and also has a awesome New Years! Everyone be safe too! I am hoping to have some more pics to put on here soon after I get my Christmas stuff down and packed away and hopefully I can have it done by the 1st!


  1. I hear ya on the blahs! They've hit here too. I di get a spurt of energy & took the tree and some deco's down a bit ago. Hope to get the rest down tomorrow. A friend from out of sate is comming for a visit so I need to get things back to normal....whatever that is.
    We have things that need to go too. I think alot of us deep clean/purge after the Holidays to make way for the new stuff.
    Good luck on your Resolution!! I'd fail ;~)

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  3. Hi Leslie,
    found your blog while doing some blog hopping and got intrigued by you lovely blog's name.
    My visit has been indeed a pleasant one and decided to follow. Will come back again to check on your new posts.
    I do share your same after-christmas-blahs feeling.
    Haven't taken down our decorations yet as in italy this is traditionally done on January 6th, our very last holiday season holiday. so, still a few days to go before I start with the undoing-boxing job.
    if you have a chance, pop over my blog or a visit. we might find out we have manhy more things.
    Until then, may you and yours have a blessed, joyful and healthy 2010.