Monday, February 8, 2010

Lookie at what I got!!!

I am so excited!! I got to go out for a few hours this afternoon and do some shopping! I went out to do some grocery shopping but thats not what I came home with!

I went to Meijers and was walking around and thought hmmm last week they had their elctric fireplaces on sale I wonder if they have any left? So I started looking for them. I came to the back aisle and so one! It was the only one left in the store! I quickly called dh and asked if I could get it. He said yes!!! then he asked where are you going to put it? what a damper, I hadn't thought of that. so i got off the phone and stood there and thought for a minute. where could i put it? i thought of a spot but wasn't sure if it would fit. i walked around the display and this is what I found

It really isn't that bright this is with the flash. Also don't mind the stuff behind it I just got it put together and was so excited I didn't pick the stuff up! I also forgot to remove the tag from the door in my excitement! Ooops!

Here it is without the flash
Once I get it to its permanent home I will take more pics and post! I am going to do it tomorrow because it is almost 2 am and I need to go to bed!

Night all!!

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