Friday, February 12, 2010

So I finally got my electric stove put where I wanted it and got it decorated! YAY me!!!!

I realize there is some stuff beside it. It is my sewing box and bag of emboidery thread! I love this little thing and have turned it on everyday since I bought it! The candlesticks are from the Goodwill they were $1.50 each with the candles which I am considering grubbying (is that a word?) them up. The light up house is from a local craft fair. I believe I paid aroun $12 for it. The blanket is one my Aunt Margie put together for me. I had bought the squares already cut at a thrift store and couldn't figure out the pattern so I gave them to her to do whatever with and she put it together for me and gave it back! What a nice Aunt I have!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! I am not sure what I will be getting into, maybe some antiquing?! Who knows!


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