Friday, January 8, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

So my Mom and I were undecided if we wanted to try and go to our favorite thrift store because we were unsure if the roads were alright or not. We decided we would try and go and I'm glad we did!! Event houghwe got there late as it opens at 11 am and is only open a couple days a week it is crowded when they open and stuff is usually gone rather quickly. We got there around 11:45 and discovered they were having half price sales! Everything in the store was half price!!! Yippee!!! So here are some pictures of my new finds. I'm sure these things will find homes somewhere in the house rather quickly!

This is the whole group of everything, mius a black Daisy Fuentes shirt, an Ann Taylor jean skirt, and a pair of jeans I found for my son.

This is an Amish girl sampler ina wooden frame half price she was 30 cents!

Cute Homecookin sign! It was 25 cents after half price!

I had to get these the reminded me of being a kid and yes they even fit me. They were 20 cents after the half price!

This is just a cute wooden box with a heart cut out it was 30 cents after the half price! And last but not least is an old Ball canning jar. I am trying to get a bunch of these because I want to use them in my kitchen built in china cabinet for flour and things like that. She was a bargain at 30 cents after the half price discount!

Hope all of you find some good bargains this weekend! There is an auction I want to go to tomorrow but dont think I will make it because DH is going hunting in the morning. Bummer. Have a good thrifty weekend!



  1. Great thrift store finds! Especially love the sign...I quite a few in my kitchen.

  2. Love the cabbage patch slippers!

    But then, I'm a slipper kinda gal.

  3. Those are adorable little Cabbage Patch slippers!

  4. The Ball Jar is great! So many things that you could do with that. Great finds!